The Cat People from the seaEdit

When Toa Nuva Tahu finds a mysterious gem, a race of Cat People rise from the sea looking for the six gems that was found by the Toa; Takanuva has his suspicions however.

The Cat Girl called PanthyEdit

While the Cat People meet the elders, a beautiful Cat Girl named Panthy runs into Takanuva after the girl is attacked by Makuta's army. She explains to the Toa of Light that she uses her feminine looks and her brains to help her and she serves as the super-star of the Cat People.

Makuta's Master PlanEdit

Makuta use the energy from the six gems, and coverts the energy into dark energy which mutates him into a demonic monster. Takanuva ends up as the last Toa standing on Mata Nui. After a few attacks, Takanuva is able to run his lance through Makuta's chest; expelling his soul from the body and leaving behind a empty shell. The Cat People leave after the Toa return the gems and Panthy thanks Takanuva by kissing him on the cheek.