This is the PS2, Wii Version of Revenge of Karzahni:The Game. Unlike the other Version, It has only one Campaign Where you play as Both Factions.

The CampaignEdit

Act One:Sakoshima, ChinbrickEdit

Mata Nui Invades: SkydivingEdit

As Mata Nui, Sky Dive out of the Plane And Defeat The Enemies while in the air. At the End, You Fight A Mini-Boss.

Nuparu VS. Zaktan: Downtown SokushimaEdit

As Nuparu, Fight your Way to The Bridge where Zaktan will kick you off into The Construction Site

Pursuit over Sokushima:Sokushima RooftopsEdit

As Tahu, Start By fighting your way to the Rooftops. Then fight A Sub-Boss. After this Jump Across some Rooftops to Face three Mini-Bosses. Later you'll Fight Vezon.

Vezon Goes to Ground:FreewayEdit

As Vezon, Run Towards the Extraction Point while Tahu and Several Other Toa Attack you on your Way.

Act two:Deep 7Edit

Spiriah Strikes:Atlantbrick OceanEdit

As Spiriah, Destroy the fleet and Generators.

From the Depths:PlatformsEdit

As Vezon, Infiltrate the Platform and Revive Teridax. Later You'll Fight two Minibosses.

Act three:Makuta BaseEdit

The Kardas:Sokoshima WaterfrontEdit

As Mata nui, Defeat The Kardas Dragon

Tahu Breaks free:Prison RoomEdit

As Tahu, Reach the hanger

Teridax's Glory:The throneEdit

As Teridax, Fight your way to the hanger, to Fight Mata Nui