This is the "Main Version" of Revenge of Karzahni: The Game.

Toa CampaignEdit

West Coast, United BricksEdit

Tutorial: Toa TrainingEdit

You Start as Tahu with A tutorial. You then Switch to Hahli for Controls Exclusive to Her.

Sakoshima, ChinaEdit

Mission 1:The Battle BeginsEdit

As Nuparu, Fight Waves of Makuta, Then you fight Vezon.

Mission 2:Toa DownEdit

As Hewkii, Find Nuparu and Escort him to safety.

Mission 3:Zaktan's ProphecyEdit

As Mata Nui, Destroy all the Makuta. Then Zaktan Will Attack.

Mission 4:Failure to CommunicateEdit

As Mata nui, Restore the MIKE Comsat Arrays. Each Is guarded by Makuta.

Mission 5:Lehvak LivesEdit

As Nuparu, Search for Lehvak. On the way You'll Face Many Makuta. Then kill Lehvak.

Mission 6:Along the WaterfrontEdit

As Nuparu, Restore Mike com Arrays. Unlike last time there's A time Limit.

West Coast, United BricksEdit

Mission 1:A girl in troubleEdit

As Tahu, Destroy Makuta guarding Susan Brickela's Home. Then Retreive Susan And Bring her to The Extraction Point.

Mission 2:Oil Flows BlackEdit

As Hewkii, Defeat A wave of Despticons then Pickup an Engineer. Then Escort them to The Extraction point which is Guarded by Makuta. Then repeat this two times.

Mission 3:Allies AttackedEdit

As Nuparu, Locate and Escort The MIKE Convoy.

Mission 4:Last Gang AroundEdit

As Mata nui, Defeat waves of Makuta.

Mission 5:Clash in the CanalsEdit

As Mata nui, Defeat All the Makuta While Protecting The MIKE Team.

Mission 6:Return to the RefineryEdit

As Tahu, Get all the MIKE Arrays online.

Deep 7Edit

Teridax RebornEdit

As Hahli, Repair all the Broken Rail Guns. Then Rescue all the Injured Minifigs.

East Coast, United BricksEdit

Mission 1:For the love of JoeEdit

As Tahu, Eliminate all Makuta, Then take Joe Brickenson to the Evacuation point. Then kill off Kraata.

Mission 2:Riding ShotgunEdit

As Mata Nui, Escort the Rail Gun Transport to Its Destination.

Mission 3:Fuel the JetsEdit

As Tahu, deliver joe to the deli and protect it. Then Take him to the Museum and protect it.

Mission 4:For Power and GloryEdit

As Nuparu, Save the Power plant, Then save the TV Station.

Mission 5:To the SkiesEdit

As Hahli, Locate And destroy The Makuta Probe. Then Locate and Destroy A second Probe.

Mission 6:Spiriah's StandEdit

As Mata Nui, Destroy All the makuta. Then Defeat Spiriah.

Cairo, EgyptEdit

Mission 1:Ancient HistoryEdit

As Mata Nui, Allied with Miserix, Locate Joe and take him to the Tomb of the Nuis. Then Fight Teridax and Spiriah.

Mission 2:Total DevastationEdit

As Tahu, Defeat Kardas.

Mission 3:Rise of KarzahniEdit

As Miserix Nui, Destroy Karzahni.

Makuta CampaignEdit

West Coast, United BricksEdit

Tutorial:Makuta TrainingEdit

Like the Other Tutorial, Except you play as Lehvak and Kraata.

Sokushima, ChinbrickEdit

Mission 1:Sokushima ShootoutEdit

As Vezon, Destroy all the Makuta Forces.

Mission 2:Blood and ProtodermisEdit

As Lehvak, Destroy the MIKE HQ on the Spiral Hight way. Then Destroy the one Downtown. Finally Kill Nuparu.

Mission 3:Find and GrindEdit

As Vezon, Locate and Escort Kraata.

Mission 4:Going ViralEdit

As Kraata, Disrupt the MIKE Comm Rays. They're Each Guarded By a group of Toa.

Mission 5:Hunt The HunterEdit

As Vezon, Find The Cloaked Toa Probe and Destroy it.

Mission 6:Race to DestructionEdit

As Vezon, Locate the Cloaked Toa Probe and Destroy it. Then Destroy two Probe Scouts.

West Coast, United BricksEdit

Mission 1:West Coast HackEdit

As Kraata, Disrupt The MIKE Comm Arrays.

Mission 2:Find the FemaleEdit

As Lehvak, Destroy Four Buildings to Reveal Four Engineers and Bring them to the Interrogation Site. Then Retrieve The Female Usernamed Susan Brickela.

Mission 3:In search of The AntidermisEdit

As Spiriah, Destroy Three MIKE Safehouses. The last one Reveals Brickalay. then bring him to the Extraction point.

Mission 4:Hunt for HahliEdit

As Kraata, Defeat all the Toa and Then Defeat hahli.

Mission 5:Tapping the SourceEdit

As Spiriah, Disrupt the Mike Comm Arrays.

Mission 6:Oil in the CanalsEdit

As Kraata, Hunt down 16 Toa

Deep 7Edit

Rise of KarzahniEdit

As Spiriah, Destroy Eight Turrets. Then Destroy Six Control Boats.

East Coast, United BricksEdit

Mission 1:Manlystud328Edit

As Kraata, Destroy all Toa then Destroy Joe's House. Then Retrieve him and take him to the Extraction point. Then Kill 16 Toa.

Mission 2:Past his nuiEdit

As Teridax, Defeat 16 Toa then Defeat Mata Nui.

Mission 3:Down with HistoryEdit

As Spiriah, Destroy the Museum.

Mission 4:Hunter KillerEdit

As Lehvak, Go through the Beacons and Locate the Probe.

Mission 5:Sending A messageEdit

As Kraata, Destroy the Powerplant, then Destroy A TV Station.

Mission 6:Hunger for DestructionEdit

As Teridax, Destroy the Fuel trucks and Gas Stations. Then go to the Extraction Point.

LEGO EgyptEdit

Mission 1:Desert MassacreEdit

As Teridax, Destroy all Toa then Kill Miserix And Tahu

Mission 2:The guns of EgyptEdit

As Lehvak, Destroy the Railgun.

Mission 3:The Revenge of KarzahniEdit

As Teridax, Defeat Miserix Nui, Then Defeat Karzahni.