BIONICLE vs. Hero Factory is an upcoming film by Jman98.


Chapter 01: For those of you joining usEdit

The Chapter begins with Gresh training with Toa Lewa in Le-Metru. Then a huge explosion is heard from the outside. Gresh and Lewa go to investigate. They see Matoran villagers running away from these mysterious beings. They are robots who all have a strange symbol (H) on the chest. They were attacking innocent Agori and Matoran for no reason. Gresh and Lewa went to attack them. It didn't work, they had weopons that shot steel projectiles. One hit Lewa's Kanohi mask off, than another hit Gresh in the chest. Gresh then asked "Who" Preston Stormer responded "We are Hero Factory *****" as he shot Gresh in the face. Chapter 01 ends here.


  • Created by Jman98