Now this is even stranger ,hethought as he looked around the whole new world that he was sent into , just then a medium sized fully organic life form stepped out of a small building. He had a striking resemblance to a great being ,they stood there , the being reached into his pocket and took out a small device . It seemed strange that he was talking into it , he said There's some weird monster thing in my yard com as fast as you can. Just when the zesk was about to attempt to speak , the smallcreature ran inside the building. Then he decided to leave and begin his search for answers. When he entered a city region he was confronted by two creatures, Probably robots, he thought. One was armored in white and blue and the other was red and orange , each carried an intimidating looking weapon. Stand down ! The red armored one said. After dodging a few blasts ,he readied his sword and pointed it at them , it fired a blast of black and red energies at his attackers. While he defended himself from the red one , the white one shot an ice blast at him and surrounded him in a thick coating of ice. What do make of him stormer? , said the red one. Probably one of von nebula's henchmen come out of hiding. We're taking you back to HQ.

When he got there he was put into a prison and examined by a small robotic creature. After a couple of days of interrogation he was put into another cell with robots of similar height to him except for a large orange one that was about one third taller than him.

A green one with very large weapons placed on its hands approached him and said , So they got you too? Who are you , the zesk said , one of the machines said that they were the henchmen of von nebula. What are we in exactly ? We're in the most highly secured prison in the galaxy. said one armored in yellow. So escape bould be difficult. the zesk stated .

He instructed them to remove any unnecessary