Gary (full name Gary The Torch) is a former member Hero Factory, and a member of Hook's Team.


Early LifeEdit

Gary is known for not really enjoying Recon Team life feeling it was boring, but he is one of the best. After being fed up with the dull life of Recon Team, Gary decided to explore space.


Jaller, Azon, Glacund, Veztakbra, Dude, and Evnika were training, when a flame shape landed on Jaller, only to find that it was a Hero Factory guy, Jaller and Gary competed in tests of skill, only to find out that it was a ploy by Azon.


Gary asked Jaller to use an Olmak to send him back to the HF universe for awhile, though he is certain that Jaller won't bring him back.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Gary is a bit hot-headed, and will do anything to win, almost killing Jaller, who beat him. He also has an Xtra Magnified form.


Gary weilds a Flame Blade and a Skewer Shield. In his 3.0 form he uses a Hooked Claw on place of his shield. In his XM form, he uses the same weapons, and also has rockets on his arms.



  • His prototype names include Jimmy The Torch, John The Torch, and his last name almost being Flame.
  • His greatest fear is that he will lose Breez to Furno during his absense.