Makuta's Elite Team was an organization created by Makuta Teridax as part of his attempt to gain control of Nebzola.

Makuta's Elite Team
Headquarters/Base Destral Nui
Leader Teridax
Goal Take over Star Wars City
Status Disbanded
Allies N/A
Enemies Star Wars Army


The biomechanical beings in Star Wars City, wishing for the city's name to not entirely be about the Star Wars characters, argued with the city's leaders and caused a major rift between the two factions. Teridax rallied the biomechanicals and prepared them for war.

Coated with the chemical EGH-C83, the new faction attacked Star Wars City, but decided to retreat in the face of greater numbers. The four Piraka were sent to the city to invade at another point in time, but grew tired and were called back.

The army signed a peace treaty with the city, but the biomechanicals broke it almost as soon as it was made, coming out of retirement and nearly destroying the city in the first battle.

In the second battle, the city was conquered. Vezok was sent to kill the fleeing king, Anakin Skywalker, but failed, and the Star Wars Army drove them out again.

Teridax attempted once more to invade, and sent a massive attack force to the battlefield. The conflict lasted six hours, but the Star Wars characters won when Ian Makienswot injured Teridax. Makuta's Elite Team agreed to disband and join their Halloween celebration.

Known MembersEdit