Wallace "Ripcord" Weems
Vital statistics
Title Sergeant
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction G.I. Joe
Health 100
Level 1
Status Alive
Location Chunk Alpha

Ripcord was the call-sign of G.I. Joe member Wallace Weems.


Pre-G.I. JoeEdit

Wallace Weems participated in a HALO mission led by Conrad Hauser. When Hauser got stuck in a tree, Weems helped him down - the fast way.

When the mission turns out to be bigger than the team thought, Hauser gets nervous, thinking about an op that went wrong in the past, and how it cost him a good friend, Wallace reassures the man and keeps him on-mission.

While the rest of the team creates a diversion, "Weemsie" makes a move for the door of their target - a simple trailer loaded with computers - and takes a round in the chest as the big Russian inside defends his position. Luckily his bulletproof vest stopped the bullet, but he still had a cracked rib and a bruised lung, and was out of the rest of the

Rise of CobraEdit

The movie begins with Ripcord, Duke and a security team delivering nanomite missiles when they were attacked by Cobra and saved by the Joes, where they are taken back with them. Ripcord soon develops a crush on Scarlett. His tests prove he has a 99% chance of accuracy but Scarlett has a 100% chance. While she initially ignores him, he comforts her after her loss to the Baroness and saves her in Paris after the Baroness blows her off her motorcycle. She kisses him before he steals the prototype Cobra Night Raven to stop the two missles headed for Moscow and Washington D.C. In the end, he and Duke decide to stay on the team. He seems to be freaked out by Snake Eyes.

Alpha WarEdit

Ripcord joins up with a team of Av-Matoran during the war.