"Attention Rookie Team leader Furno! Return to the equipment section immediately to receive your double fire shield for this mission. Then power up your hero core in the Quaza chamber. Von Nebula and his servants have made an emergency landing in New Stellac City and Alpha-Team leader Preston Stormer needs help."

William Blaze
Vital statistics
Title Rookie Team Leader
Gender Male
Race Robot
Faction Hero Factory
Health 100
Level 3
Status Alive
Location Makuhero City

William Furno (aka Blaze) is part of the Hero Factory Alpha Team.


William Furno is the Leader of the Hero Factory rookie team. He is smart, highly confident and competitive. He is the most state-of the art hero too.

Tools Edit

He wields a Dual Fire Shooter.


William Furno has red and orange armor. His eyes and Hero Core glow a translucent green.