The Adventure BeginsEdit

Our story begins on the sandy beaches of Mata Nui. The Toa Gali is resting on the sand when a mysterious light show appears in the water, and out of it appears Toa Milethi, a mysterious Toa from the future. The Toa try to help her find the six elemental stones that prevent the disaster that wrecked the future.

The Great TempleEdit

The Toa Nuva and Toa Milethi arrive at a half-built temple. Milethi remembers this place, because in the future it is fully built. She says, "Be warned, because this place is filled with monsters."

Inside, they find the stones, and must take them to an ancient altar in the middle of the Great Forest.


The beings of this forest plan to use the energy to bring back Daimajin, an ancient stone samurai with amazing power, to help the Toa to find the altar, but Makuta wants the energy to make himself stronger.

The Rise of DaimajinEdit

The being are successful and Daimajin rises once more, begining a great war.

Makuta is SealedEdit

Daimajin uses the last of its energy to seal away Makuta after the stones are placed on the altar. When Makuta is sealed away, Daimajin goes back into eternal sleep, and Milethi goes back to the future. The Toa have won another battle, and Mata Nui--past, present, and future--is peaceful once more.